What Makes A Perfectly Sexy Man?

Devastatingly Perfect

What makes the Perfect Man?  That is quite 'the' question, darlings.  Being 'Honest' took the top spot in a poll by the Festival of Romance recently, being 'Loyal' and having a 'Sense of Humour' came in second and third places respectively.  On a note of humour or not, 'Kind'  and 'Personal Hygiene' ranked equally at number four.  Over at the Daily express - 'Speaking a foreign language' took honours in the Carte Noire study of seduction, with cooking and a love for literature and the arts trailing close behind.  It makes you wonder though, are we of the fairer sex 'projecting' just a bit?  Personally, I'd say so.

I've embraced the Metrosexual amongst my friends but when it comes down to it, give me a 'Manly Man' any old day.  You know, that perfect man who moonlights as a culinary wizard behind closed doors, someone who preempts that your wine glass needs refilling before you know it,  the 'one' who is so uber cool, he doesn't follow fashion, - fashion follows him and he has a dapper style, though perhaps never as good as mine.  There'd be mirror fights...not pretty.  The Perfect Gentleman would also keep a private jet on tap, travel willy-nilly 24/7, shower me with Louboutins and Hermes scarves and oh... you know, just pamper me.  I'm easy-pleasey-peasey really.  But lets push our fantasies aside.  For now.  

What I want to know is this - when writing your Male Characters, how real are they? Is it all 'fiction', or do you add a dash of what you find appealing in real life?  There's a saying that 'what makes a woman attractive is between her ears, not her legs' - I think that applies to the perfect Manly Man too.  A sense of humour, definitely.  And as for personal hygiene? Well, toliet-seat 'down' is always a winner.   Now, tell me - what attributes are key for the men in your writing lives? 

Perfectly Compelling
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  1. My male characters are thinly veiled versions of myself…

  2. Hahaha. Love it, thanks Joel! I look forward to reading one of your stories. ;-)

  3. Sense of humor is definitely a must with my guy characters. Though I try to give them flaws, too--personality flaws make people real, I think. Perfect guys never interest me. :)

  4. Hmmm.... well, I haven't written a romance or love story yet, so I guess I don't know. I think it would be someone with a sense of humor though. I like a man with a sense of humor who is also smart. And the older I get the more I like men with intelligence so I would never write a man without some intelligence. Boring!

    Have a lovely week! xx

  5. A perfectly sexy man in two words: Daniel Craig.


    My male characters usually have a sense of humor and above all, they respect the women in their lives.

  6. Sense of humour and hygiene...well should be drop dead gorgeous as well!

  7. Meredith, gotta give them some flaws, definitely - easier to connect with. Good point!

    Danette, the brain is a tres sexy organ, methinks. Enjoy your week too, lovely x

    Melissa, respect - very good! And Mr Craig, well he just oozes cool. ;-) I also love that he's hitched to Rachel Weisz - what a super couple!

  8. Nas, welcome! We're certainly not adverse to DDG! Bring it! ;-)

  9. I usually write who I want. He might be blond he might be dark but he always possesses a wit and knows how to kiss. Heck, what else to you need?

  10. In real life, I like my men perfect like the dear hubby napping on the sofa while I write this. When I write, I like to insert the flaws.
    On TV, I love Raylin Givens played by Tim Olyphant on Justified. He's so mannerly and charming but a really tough, messed up guy.

  11. MsHatch, kissing is very important. I feel. ;-)

    Susan, you are sweet, how lucky is your hubby? I like flaws too, definitely provides a little intrigue and makes them a little more human.

  12. I've been thinking about your post for the last 10 minutes... but I just can't put a finger on what makes a male character irresistable!

  13. If I were writing I suppose humor would be #1 in a male character, same as it is in real life for me. I've always been a little afraid of the hunks but that Brando was some hunk

  14. I'd put personal hygiene at the top of the list. It's one of those things you don't really notice unless it's not there, and then you really notice! I definitely project what I like in a man in my male characters - they're so much more fun to write about that way. :)

  15. A culinary wizard w/ a private chef .... sounds like Chef Ramsay! :)

    Glad to see that honesty is considered the #1 characteristic.

  16. Agnes, a certain 'je ne sais quoi', perhaps? ;)

    Manzanita, humor rates highly for me, both in real life and writing!

    Susan, agreed - definitely good fun to write about!

    Jessie, nice! And good at golf? ;-)

    Lisa, I'd take Jamie Oliver over Ramsay! ;-)

  17. Well, since you asked, how about the man's pov. Since I consider myself a Renaissance man I like to incorporate that into my male characters. They are rugged, yet smart, funny, and flawed. Yes, FlAWED. TO be a real man you must have some flaws. We are, after all human.

    But most important of all they must have a good heart and deep soul. No matter what I put them through they will never lose either.

  18. Oh, Michael - you are a Renaissance man and we love you for it! Flaws are a must. Big deep heart - and a soul like no other. Thank you for bringing a mans POV to this post! Love it! x


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