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A few eyebrows were raised on learning that the Dahl Family were asking for public donations to 'restore and move' the late great Roald Dahl's beloved writing hut from his estate to a museum in his own name.  I gasped when I read this news a few weeks ago, though not so much that the family were seeking donations, more that they felt the need to move the writing hut itself.  I mean, like, why?  Surely people would gain more from viewing the hut as it stood in the garden - precisely as Roald Dahl would have seen it.  To sit in the very spot where his wonderful novels were first penned but more than that, to soak in a little of the atmosphere, the sunlight hitting the windows in the morning, the breeze in the afternoon.  Surely, all of that is lost if it is moved 'brick by brick' and placed in a museum where the surroundings would hold little connection to the beloved hut itself.   

Deep sigh.  Or am I just being a great-big-girls-blouse, overly romantic and whimsical.  I think not.  Readers, fans, writers, -all walks of life, like to visit the writing huts of the literary heroes or heroines and let their own imagination wander wild and carefree.  I know I've stared out of castle windows and thought... imagine that - 'Queen-whats-her-face probably saw this view, just before she lost her head'... well, something like that.  But you know what I mean, don't you?  

Writers bolts, sheds, huts, call them what you will - they are sacred, and messing with them, well - messes with the karma.  Methinks.  

In the meanwhile, how do I find this place?
Ps:  And do check out the pictures of  famous writers sheds which the Independent has kindly listed. 


  1. I don't need a shed. I'd be perfectly happy with a small library with a door I can shut.

  2. Probably about making money in the long run, don't you think? I mean if you have it on in a museum you can charge a fee (like the Hemingway home) and then you make some money. Whilst this little hut is just sitting there attracting freebies, I am guessing? But I am with you, they are messing with the Karma!

    have a lovely weekend, my darling, and perhaps some champers! Cheers! *clink, clink*

  3. Wow, that's crazy. I'm with you, Talei. It has a history and a place and is best left the way it is, and was.

  4. I couldn't agree with your more on this. It will hake the heart and especially the soul out of the place.

    Have a wonderful weekend Talei and thanks for always treating us with something special.

  5. I love reading about and visiting when I can, the homes, haunts of favourite writers. What's the point in moving the hut? Thanks for the link to the famous writers sheds. I'll check it out.


  6. As much as I adore Roald Dahl's writings, I would not donate to have his hut moved. You are so right-- who wants to see it in a museum? And if the family is so strapped for cash they can't move it, why not open the area up for visitors? I'd pay to go visit that. But not in a museum.

  7. I need me one of those. Location, location, location.

  8. MsHatch, I'd love a library too!

    Danette, I'm not sure about the profits but according to this article, the museum (where the hut would move to), itself seems to generate enough income of its own last year. In any case, its a badly handled request for donations and the public have voiced their displeasure.
    Hope you're having a fab weekend too! * clink clink*

    LynNerd, aw thanks! ;-)

    Michael, absolutely! Also, if it meant so much to the writer himself, who would the family even consider moving it? ;-) And you're welcome - am glad you enjoy these posts!

    Denise, * high fives* Agreed! You're welcome too!

    KarenG, interestingly, on the RD foundation site, it looks like the garden is open and the hut can be visited on Roald Dahl day - but I can't see anything that says its open any other day. I concur, I just don't see the reason to move it.

    Jessie, the beach hut? Thats MINE. Hands off! ;-p

  9. I'm with you. I'd love to see it in the original location. Moving the hut just seems wrong.

  10. I'm with you too, moving the hut just would not do!

  11. I agree! The hut sounds cool, but what was he looking at out the window? That seems more important to me.

  12. He had a writing hut?? I wish I had one! Hmm, they made no mention of that in the brochures I saw for the museum when we were in England in August (and too far, unfortunately, to visit the museum).


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