Let It Fall

This weekend, as I took a jaunty stroll in the park with trusty hound dancing at my feet, it was hard not to notice the changing seasons. A thick carpet of golden hues crunched underfoot, children collected conkers, acorns rolled along the roots of ancient oaks, squirrels chased the errant acorns and the hound chased the squirrels. Wait, that was someone else's ill-behaved four-legged friend.  Anyway, I just wanted to say....

 Autumn or Fall - whatever your name is, I am glad you came...

You make me want
To raise my hands, run carefree,
Through avenues of ancient trees
 And wide-open spaces 

 And your crisp fallen leaves 
Always brings forth the wondrous 
Sound of children's laughter

And I love snuggling
On a picnic rug in the cold, cold air
Or in my favourite chair

You remind me that
Pumpkins, Halloween,
And Christmas, 
Are all just
Around the corner...
And I do like that
A lot...



Let It Fall Copyright © T.Loto, all rights reserved
Photocredits via weheartit

A/N: I hope you are enjoying the change in seasons where ever you are in the world!  Let me know, whats your favourite thing about the season, that you in right now?  Talei xox


  1. In Vegas we have two seasons unfortunately. It's hot as H, then cools down for like 5 seconds, and then its cold as H. You have me beat by a mile. I want crunchy leaves:)

  2. Lovely poem! Very sweet and of course fits with the season. Terrific with the pictures.

    The leaves are just starting to change here! I'd love to photograph them, alas...
    Hope you have another lovely autumn day! xo

  3. I like autumn, but I'm always sad for summer to end. We still have summer here. Your leaves are awesome.

    Love the poem :)

  4. My favorite season! There's something so magical about the crisp air and the changing leaves. We don't get much of it in Texas, and I miss it!

  5. What a lovely tribute to Autumn. I'm afraid it makes me feel sad to see all the leaves dropping. Spring is my season of choice with all that promise of flowers to come.

  6. Jessie, I'm sending you some crunchy leaves for Xmas! ;-)

    Danette, thank you, lovely - so happy you enjoyed it. x

    Carol, merci beaucoup! I'm sad for Summer but I love wrapping up in winter coats and boots too. (deep sigh) x

    Meredith, definitely one of mine too. It brings a mystical air in the evenings, lovely for strolls. ;-)

  7. Rosalind, thank you. I do love spring blossoms too. Thank you for stopping by! ;-)

  8. Although we've had a few cooler days here in Texas, it's still summer and it's still hot and it's still dry, dry, dry. I long for a wet winter.

  9. I adore autumn. To me, it's an excuse to kick my way through piles of leaves when I take the dogs out. I also get to curl up in my armchair in front of a log fire with a good book and a glass of mulled wine. What could be better?

    I love the leaves on the bench picture!

  10. I love living in an area with 4 seasons too. Each change can be sad - but to exciting! I love fall too. The colors just can't be more beautiful!

  11. Bish, I can't imagine how hot it must be in Texas - I definitely want to go there. I've only been to the Dallas airport. There was air-con... ;-)

    Shirley, *high fives* Me too! I love watching my dog fall about in the leaves too - he's crazy. Thanks so much!

    Kristine, hello and welcome to my blog! It's lovely in the parks right now, so vibrant and mysterious too. ;-)

  12. Yay for autumn! I love the crispy leaves and the blue blue skies.

    PS - Hope the Nurofen and Red Bull is helping!

  13. Lovely post, Talei, and poem. It's 90 something here in the High Desert of So. Calif. I guess my favorite thing about Fall is pumpkin pie!

  14. Beautiful words ...

    Beautiful pics ...

    Beautiful woman author ...

    Thank you for the lovely reminder of autumn.

  15. those pioctures are so beautiful!

    however, I don't like the cold,rainy weather. yes, the leaf changing is beautiful, but enjoy them more being green and attached to a tree :D

  16. Talli, thanks lovely. Oh yes, the headache is no more. ;-)

    Lyn, cheers! The High Desert sounds HOT. I do love California, one of my fav states in the US of A.

    Michael, thanks darling! You are so kind with your generous words! ;> x

    Baiba, thank you. I guess it brings the cold weather but there's some beauty in that too. ;-))

  17. I love fall, too! My favorite thing is having the windows open and the beautiful colors on the trees. My least favorite thing is knowing winter is right around the corner. :(

  18. I come out of hibernation mode when autumn comes. This is my absolute FAVORITE time of year. Love every bit of it!

  19. Susan, * high fives* I always leave the windows open - any season! Gotta have that fresh air. ;-))

    Melissa, its a great time - I think the fact that Halloween and Xmas are nearby add to the anticipation. ;-)

  20. Squirrels? Did you write about squirrels! Me too!

    Autumn in London is awesome--especially when it's not raining!

  21. Oh, such a beautiful poem.
    I love the weather. It is perfect!
    I hope your week is beautiful, dear.


  22. Lisa, squirrel are interesting little creatures to watch. Quite the entertainers, methinks. ;-)

    Tywo, thanks so much sweetie! x

  23. Love the ode to fall.
    Fall makes me want to be cold so I can get warm. To bake things and share. I might share your poem w/my class as a prompt for a writing assignment. :)


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