"If I could be anyone, I would be..."

Right now, I'd love to be this lady, if just for a day...

And here's why I think she's so flipping wonderful...

* Philanthropist  * UN Ambassador *

*  Controversial * Free Spirit * Fabulous tattoos *

"If being sane is thinking there's something wrong with being different, then I'd rather be completely freaking mental" -  Angelina Jolie

* Loving Mother * Sassy * Sexy  *

"I don't believe in guilt, I believe in living on impulse as long as you never intentionally hurt another person, and don't judge people in your life.  I think you should live completely free."  - Angelina Jolie 

* Fly Girl - as in she has her pilots license * Private Jet, anyone? * 

* Kick-Ass Actress * Designers Galore *  Red Carpet Queen * 

 * And last but not least, who wouldn't want to cuddle up with Monsieur Pitt at night? *

Photocredits via tumblr

A/N: Its a sassy post today and with good reason -  I'm helping to celebrate Talli Roland's launch party for her new novel 'Watching Willow Watts'.  A bevy of Beauties are welcoming Willow to the world by posting who we'd like to be and why.  Honestly, I quite like being myself, controversial, I know! But really, I figure I could possibly live as Angelina, if just for one day, non?  What do you think? If you could be anyone, who would you be?   - Talei xoxo


  1. She's quite a woman, isn't she? So beautiful!

    Thanks so much for taking part, lovely lady!

  2. That is a lot of good reasons to want to be Angelina Jolie!

    If I could be anyone I'd be...

  3. Hi,

    Excellent choice. A true Lara croft! ;)


  4. Rebecca, merci beaucoup!

    Talli, you're very welcome - I love a good party! Happy Launch Day! xx

    Rachel, I think so, she's quite a lady! ;-)

  5. Hi Francine, the quintessential Lara Croft, indeed. I may have a girl crush. x

  6. Great choice and the photos are fantastic as well as your reasons. :)

  7. She certainly is effortlessly beautiful. Great post.

  8. She is definitely an effortless beauty! :o)

  9. What a great choice! She's amazing :D

  10. I would be Carrie Underwood--she can belt a tune, and those legs are fabulous! I hope that doesnt sound creepy:)

  11. I'd imagine Angelina has her curl-up-on-the-couch-with-movies-and-shades-drawn days, too. Just make sure you don't get one of those.

  12. Those are all wonderful reasons to choose Angelina Jolie. She's definitely an inspiration!

  13. I love those quotes! It would definitely be fun to be her for a day. :)

  14. Stunning choice... She's more that just a pretty face and a smoking bod.

  15. She's a hottie! And I love that she gives so freely of her money to others as well. :)

  16. Bad girl turned concerned and caring woman. And ontop of all that a beauty to boot.

  17. She truly is an amazing woman - I love your choice!

  18. Cherie, thanks so much!

    Gina, effortless is fitting! ;-)

    Jessica, definitely!

    Lori, cheers! good to know theres a positive side to big hollywood stars too, methinks.

    Jessie, awesome pick and no that doesn't sound creepy! ;-)

    Damyanthi, cheers lovely!

    RWW, haha. I already have those curl-up-on-the-sofa-with-dark-shades day... Oh.

    Jayne, agreed - I think her work in Cambodia and Africa is particularly inspirational.

    Meredith, for a day - absolutely! ;-))

    Michael, smoking hot! x

    Alleged Author, definitely a good thing!

    Ann, I guess we can all change our wicked ways... mostly. ;-))

    Susan, merci beaucoup! ;-)

  19. I like seeing people's answers. Good choice :)

  20. She's certainly a unique and amazing woman with a dynamic personality. I've always enjoyed her movies, and love her and Brad together. :-)

  21. Great post! Love it!!! If I could be anyone for one day I think I would be... maybe Oscar Wilde's mother for reasons that will be revealed in later posts.

  22. Kelley, thank you!

    Melissa, I particularly like Girl Interrupted, I think she rocked that role. ;-)

    Danette, cheers, lovely! Mrs Wilde Snr, eh? Do tell! ;)

  23. Those are some gorgeous shots I hadn't seen before. Still making the rounds of all the blogs from Talli's day!


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