Movie Review: Limitless

Who doesn't love a film with a hunky Hollywood star in the lead role?  Let's be clear though -its not the only reason I picked this movie.  Bradley Cooper's baby blues are swoon worthy but what really caught my attention is the main character.  Eddie Morra is a writer - not just any writer - he's a 'tortured-soul-complete-with-messy-hair-bleary-eyed-in-throes-of-writers-block'type of writer.  A writer whose rather pretty and clever girlfriend (with the credit card) leaves him to his own demise.

Enter the devil in the form of his ex-brother-law, who offers him salvation in the form of a smart drug, NZT, - of course its untested and illegal.  Miraculously or not, Eddie is able to perform incredible feats - such as total recall of everything he's read in the past, like, ever.  Overnight, he becomes a talented linguist and he plays the stock market - not unlike a demon on RedBull - trading live stock for dollar signs.  Life for Eddie hums along nicely for all of five minutes - until he runs out of the NZT.  Gordon Gekko comes knocking in the guise of Wall Street Jackal, Van Loon, played by Robert De Niro - a would-be corporate mentor for Eddie.  Throw into the mix one particular nasty Russian crime-boss from the streets and well, things slide from bad to horrifically awful in milliseconds.

So, did I like this film?  You know the 'Its Complicated' status on Facebook?  Well, it's like that - not quite knowing who's telling the truth - and the disparity between Good vs. Evil? Yes, that old cookie - in our fluffy-cotton-wool-world, Good naturally takes Evil, right?  Not so with this movie - it's well... complicated... in a 'wannabe-Inception-meets-the original-Wall-Street-and-flirts-with-Bourne-Identity' type of way.  What I really loved? His kick-ass apartment and the special effects when his old self caught up to his shiny -new improved version.  And the humour, there's plenty of it - I especially love the Chinese restaurant scene.  Do I recommend viewing?  Er, yes.  I'd definitely recommend this one for Bradley Cooper Pantsers and De Niro Worshippers.  Needless to say, I tick both those boxes.

Gratuitous shot of Mr Cooper
* deep sigh *

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A/N:  Hello!  Yes, it's another late night post this side of the pond, the parallel universe is certainly keeping me on my toes.  I hope you are all well - and writing?  Have a fabulous weekend wherever you are on this lovely planet.  I'll be relaxing and spending the last few days with my mother this weekend - she flies back very, very soon.   Talei xox

PS:  And yes, I posted Mr Coopers pic at the end of my review - so you wouldn't get distracted before reading it... I know you didn't, right? 


  1. Good move on the hot pic at the end. I dont need any more distractions! I hope your weekend is ab fab.:) I will be celebrating my 33rd year this weekend. That's got to be a lucky number right?

  2. Haven'e even heard of this movie so glad to read your review first! I'll have to look it up! Good thinking to post the pic last *wipes drool off chin* I will be working the weekend. Had today off and didn't get as much actual writing done as I might have liked but I think I got that transition worked through... we'll see! Enjoy your mother and the weekend!!!

  3. Good review. For as much as I love movies, I don't see many in the theater, anymore. It always helps to read a review by a friend.
    My greetings to your Mum and you 2 have a family fun week end.

  4. Hmm. I may have to see that one. Lovely review! Have a great last few days with your mom!

  5. Jessie, have a fab birthday!!

    Danette, *hands hanky * there you go, dear. A worthy drool though, non? ;-)

    Manzanita, thanks! You have a fun one too, lovely lady!

    Meredith, thank you too! Enjoy the college football. ;-)

  6. Hi, Talei,

    It's been ages. Terrific review.

    WOW, your time with mom has certainly flown by. I remember when she first had arrived.

    The last two weekends I had spent in Canada vacationing, shopping, eating, shopping, of course, shopping. I have loads of pics on several posts. I hope you can drop by and visit.

    I know how much you ADORE traveling and shopping. I hope all is well in your world and I hope to see you soon.

  7. Michael, hello darling!

    Thank you so much, really glad you enjoyed the review. Your Canada vacationing sounds right up my street - I love discovering new places to eat, shop and just soak up.

    Yup, incredibly 6 weeks has flown by and mother leaves this evening, amazing huh?

    Hope you are well and I shall definitely pop over to yours shortly! xx

  8. Great review and the movie sounds intriguing...not to mention...eye catching. Happy weekend!

  9. Agreed! I feel "omplicated" about it, too. I liked it, but then...didn't. But oh, how nice it was to feast my eyes on those baby blues of Bradley's...

  10. Liza - merci beaucoup! It's worth a peek, go on! Have a splendid weekend too!

    Melissa - I know, right? Complicated, nicely filmed but there was something that left a bittersweet taste after watching. Have to say, Mr Cooper has spectacular contact lens... vibrant blue, indeed - I was blinded numerous times. ;-)


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