Bouncing Along, -Blossoms, Bunnies and Borough Market!

On a recent stroll through the hood something caught my attention!  Spring buds blossoming already?  I rubbed my eyes sleepily to be doubly sure that my brain-eye co-ordination were aligned.  And yes, -there they were, the palest of pink with slivers of cream, -blossoms poking out from stubby branches.  It's all very promising.  Sunshine, blue skies arriving to chase away the chill from the evening before, -there's something about walking without a map or a watch, that always gets my blood moving.  In a good way.

I love to wander about this great old city, -one of my favourite hazy walks is along the Thames and through the Borough Markets near London Bridge, -perfect for a little sightseeing, crowd watching, lunching, clearing the cobwebs -and replenishing those writerly grey cells!  Not to mention sampling offerings from the market stalls.  I'm posting a few snaps here, beware there are shots of game, -if you are slightly queasy, you may wish to look at the blossoms instead, or just skip ahead. 

Roll up, roll up!  Wait, -this isn't a circus, or is it?
Meandering through the market....

Cheese glorious cheese!
I can never say no to an oyster or two...or dozen.

The pheasant pluckers son may
have his hands full later on....

And, queasy viewers may wish to look away, now - check out the pretty blossoms above...

Only if you're game...
Photocredits: Spring blossoms via Shutterstock; All Borough Market images via yours truly. 

A/N:  This weekend will be busy, -in amongst the jostling of Saturday morning errands, I'm planning to finish at least 2 more chapters in my revisions, and as a welcome treat -there will be afternoon tea with my Bestie on Sunday.  Very much looking forward to it!    Tell me, whats happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. ha ha your pictures are taking me way back and hurray for spring

  2. Oh what a fuw place to go shop for fresh food!

  3. This market looks really cool! It has such fresh food. I wonder if I have anything remotely similar close to me....

  4. This makes me miss London so much. I spent a semester there studying abroad.

  5. How fun! I love that cheese section--I would spend all of my time there! Sounds like you'll have a fun and productive weekend!

  6. Jo, are you getting homesick? It's just a hop, skip and jump away. ;)

    Bish, its a great place to shop, I picked up some lovely treats that day! ;)

    Melissa, fresh food markets are fab, and that game is as fresh it gets! ;)

    Golden Eagle, its very cool! Just go early to avoid the crowds.

    Sondrae, welcome! That's great that you got to study overseas. ;)

    Meredith, a fair chunk of cheese was purchased that afternoon, and I forgot to mention the duck liver and black truffle die for. Have a wonderful weekend my dear! ;)

  7. Spring blossoms in January, I'm so jealous. I have never before seen pheasants and other game displayed like that in stores or even a butcher shop.

    As for me, I am packing this weekend, a dreaded must do.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  8. Can't remember if I've been there on one of my visits to England...

  9. I can't believe you're already seeing spring blossoms! Is that bizarre or just a few weeks early?

    I really want to visit England!!! Mo and I have that as a planned trip, so one of these days, I hope...

  10. Nancy, it's amazing how many blossoms I've seen lately. Hope your book blog tour goes well! :)

    Alex, you'll just have to make a return visit now...

    Danette, good to hear it, London is a great city to visit! ;) I'm not sure if the blossoms are bizarre, certainly surprising given we had snow not so long ago. Although I saw roses during the snow too. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Cat, meow! Hopefully not too sick. ;)

  11. Pheasants and rabbit, how interesting (bunnies look cute even when deceased and hanging upside down, an intriguing observation). And the blossom photo is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Well lets see... I think another couple of inches of snow is supposed to fall tonight, then a big heap on Sunday.

    Jealous much? Not me!

    I hope to get to London some day soon. Even though I've never been, I just know in my heart that it's a wonderful city.

  13. Carol, thanks. You're right, they do still look cute when decreased and hanging upside down! Have a lovely weekend!

    Melissa, enjoy the snow, and am sure you'll visit London one day! ;)

  14. Love love LOVE Borough Market! They do the yummiest chorizo sandwiches and organic brownies!

  15. Love these photos, well, except for the dead animals!

  16. I love the market! I wish we had more of that here.


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