To Facebook or Not To Facebook?

At the tail end of 2010, it seemed Facebook was everywhere, - the most searched term online, - even beating 'Google' for the first time;  Goldman Sachs launched a vastly oversubscribed Investment vehicle offering for Facebook; -we were even treated to Monsieur Zuckerman's story on the big screen!  Facebook, you're all up in our faces!'  Posts across the bloggersphere and twitterville has me pondering...whether to set up a Facebook page of my own as an aspiring writer.  After reading Jody Hedlunds post on whether to use a personal page or set up a professional one, I wondered if it would be premature to do so however I have noted quite a few writerly folk have done so.  What are your thoughts, -is there merit in setting up your own Facebook page before you are published?

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  1. I haven't set up a professional page, but I would once I got an agent or a book deal so I'd be set up for the release. If I get popular enough, I'd have to because a private page can only have so many "friends" and then everyone gets e-mails of every comment. With a professional page, they don't get burdened with e-mails just because they click "like". Of course, this is all hypothetical.

  2. Whew good questions! I am there somewhat reluctantly, but don't have an "author page" or "book page"-- not sure why I should. What can it do for me that blogging & Twitter can't do? But I'm keeping an open mind about it. So far it seems like those author pages just spam their friends-- like this! like this! like this! It's exhausting.

  3. I just joined. Still unsure.

  4. I have a personal FB page I created before I started blogging but I don't go there much anymore. I prefer blogging. But I do share some of my posts on my facebook page.

  5. This is an interesting perspective on Facebook, especially as I enter the professional world soon. I've had mine since January 2006 (five years, ah!) and the purpose of Facebook has changed so much for me. Luckily I've always been wise to keeping certain things off my page, but knowing how security settings have changed over time it's really critical to not see Facebook as something just for personal friends anymore. Even though I also have a LinkedIn account, keeping my Facebook page professional is essential now versus when it just began it was for sharing my adventures in college. My how things have changed!

  6. I'm a little turned off by the whole "fan page" thing. I say, start up a personal Facebook page and just have fun with it. It's a great place (just like with blogs) to connect with people you might not otherwise meet. Book promotion, in my opinion, should be secondary.

  7. I have a regular FB page, but I really don't use FB all that often. My blog posts go through it, but that's about it. I accept friend requests, but some of those individuals end up annoying me with all their self promotion that ends up in my mailbox. :(

  8. Theresa, I think my thoughts are echoed in yours, initially when I read Jody's post I had thought to leave a 'professional' page until such time that I were to reach the published ranks. However my mindset is now swaying towards setting one up now -to keep it separate from a personal page, and to connect with people who might not use twitter or blogger.

    KarenG, I hear ya. The thing is I only 'like' authors/writers that I want to follow so I don't mind if I hear from them. Also you can say alot more on facebook vs 140 characters in twitter. Its friendly that way. ;)

    Rosaria, I'll have to come check your page out. Be interested to know how it pans out after a period.

    MsHatch, thats precisely what I'd use my page for. Sharing the blog posts.

    Michelle, its interesting that it keeps evolving, so many new security changes which I find hard to keep up with. Privacy is important too. Overall though, I think twitter seems more of an open social networking tool vs facebook in the true sense of networking(IMHO). Good luck with your steps into the professional world btw! ;)

    Liz, I noticed alot of the 'fan' pages are now 'like' pages, I agree its a great way to connect with like-minded folk. Thanks for stopping by too. ;)

  9. Hi Stina, I hear ya on that one too! Also, I think the professional pages are different - people 'like' rather vs. 'friend requests' -and the contact/emailing options are limited so I think you could avoid those emails after all. ;)

  10. I love Fb for keeping in contact with more people than any other way will allow. I also use my to point people to my blog. It is a much wider audience already built in.

    Once i write something worth publishing I will already have a "platform" to put it in front of.

  11. I have a personal FB page, it depresses me. I look at all my friends from HS and think, wow you look old, then I look in the mirror... oh well.

  12. I've tried FB twice and twice I've shut down my page. Both times there were clitches of one kind or another, or I wasn't doing something right. Not only that, it took up even MORE time, which took me away from writing. I don't know when or if I'll ever try again.

  13. I've always just had a personal page for Facebook and use it to connect with friends. If I ever get published (fingers crossed!) I'll set up a professional page, maybe. Right now, blogging's all the social networking I can do!

  14. If you leave it until you ARE published then you have left it too late I suspect. I have a scattering of cat hairs there but my serious cat hairs go on my blog!

  15. I set up a fan page just for fun, i thot it was funny and I might have had a couple too :D

  16. I have my own page (like a personal one) but I don't know if I'll ever set up an author page...something to be considered

  17. I'm standing right beside you because I don't have a Facebook page yet either. The person who does my website has convinced me to give it a try and said she would help me set it up so it works with my website and blog. I told her it needs to wait until I complete my sometime before summer. I have no idea what kind of page it will be yet.

  18. I don't have any intention of setting a professional one up until I'm published. But that's just me. :-) For what it's worth, I really enjoy connecting with my friends and family (plus other writers!) on FB. I resisted it for a long time, but I'm glad I took the plunge. :-)

  19. I'm not on Facebook at all, and I don't intend on doing so anytime soon--I can see the merits in connecting with other people, personal or professional, but I'm just not into that kind of social networking.

  20. Why burden yourself with it before you're published. But, you know me, blogging is too much trouble so Facebook, like, forget it!;)

    Plus and this is a big plus, all those privacy issues...

    That's my two cents or is it three?

    Love the chart BTW:)

  21. Brenda, I like the sound of that, -having a platform ready, and I'll have to check out your page too. ;)

    Melissa G, haha. Don't look at the pics! ;)

    Bish, interesting, you definitely want a tool that easy to use-navigate-create on. ;)

    Meredith, thats how I felt too. Only now I suspect I drive a few of my friends crazy with my posts, hence another reason to split out my writing from my personal page. ;)

    Cat, another pro! I shall swing by to check your page too. ;)

    Joanna, welcome back dear lady, no time! I'm curious as to how you're finding now?

    Melissa, do let us know if you do set up an authors page! ;)

    Carol, aha! glad to have you here, we can sip pina coladas and ponder awhile longer! Its interesting reading everyones comments. Good pros and cons. ;)

    Melissa M, I like that, sounds like you have made a clear decision. Yup, I agree definitely good for keeping in contact with family and friends. ;)

    Golden Eagle, ;) Always good to hear so many different views, and definitely an individuals preference.

    Terry, hello lovely. ;) Privacy can be an issue with the security settings aren't watertight. Funny though, I think the nature of writing negates privacy to a point. ;D thanks for popping by and putting your three cents in! x

  22. Not being a professional writer my outlook might be a little different. After trying facebook because a relative said it would be easier to swap family info that way, and my daughter actually wanting me to connect to her facebook (a big surprise) I tried it - did not like it. Had to wade through too much that was put on there by people who knew my daughter and cousin. So much info on there that I did not need nor want to know.
    But if I were trying to connect to an audience I think I would have one - which type? Aye, there's the rub.

  23. I resisted for as long as I could, keeping fb for family and friends, but writer friends kept on finding me and it seemed churlish to 'ignore'. So I made a L'Aussie fb page, invited stacks of writers/authors to join me, joined 'networked blogs' and have been happy with the outcome. But it does take time away from other things and I could have lived without it!

    BTW the Publication Party has kicked off on my blog. I'd love it if you could come by and read what authors have to say about getting published. Perhaps you could leave a comment about your aspirations. There are prizes each week. Please come by. The champagne's free!

    Denise :)

  24. Hi Talei! I have a lot of concerns about FB privacy which is why I haven't joined, frankly. Everybody is on FB at the library and even my work interacts with people through FB but I am just not going to do it. Unless someone can show me a good example of someone actually doing something on Facebook that has been worthwhile, I don't see the value beyond eating more online time and I spend too much time the way it is. lol... speaking of which. Time to get something else done now!

  25. Let's face it folks; this type of thing is part of our evolution! Very soon paperback books will have gone the way of record albums.
    MOST books will be purchased on line and read on an E-reader of some type. Just make sure to keep the personal page and professional page apart...
    Very thought provoking Talei

  26. Mya, aye -which one? And when? ;)

    Denise, loving your publication party - fantastic idea! ;) And for the facebook page, I think there's a dilemma timewise - if you already blog and tweet, you will then need to balance your already shortened hours to include 'facebooking.' Something to consider definitely.

    Danette, we do spend alot of time online these days, I think its a reflection of how society interacts these days, not the only way but definitely technology has allowed us the ability to do so. The good thing is we still have a choice - to log off and go spend time with our family and friends! ;)

    Pat, yes, indeed. We are experiencing a social evolution!

    Great comments everyone! - Thanks so much for stopping by. ;)


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