Mr Darcy and 'The King's Speech'

You know its a great movie when everyone stays seated at the end of the show, -and applauds.  A little twee, a titch surprising but quite delightful, -and honestly that is how I felt leaving the picture theatre tonight.  I've loved Mr Firth since he played Mr Darcy many moons ago, and let me just say, -the man is like a fine wine.  Swoon worthy doesn't cover it.  Ahem, so back to the movie. 

The King's Speech is a wonderful, witty, beautifully shot film and well played with the talented Colin Firth as the stammering Bertie, Prince Albert;  the sublime Geoffrey Rush as his speech therapist, Lionel Logue; Helen Bonham-Carter as Bertie's Queen in the making, and a very polished Guy Pearce as David, Prince Edward.  The story revolves around Bertie's stammer, his reluctance to become King after his brother abdicates -and the real friendship struck up between himself and Lionel.  There are so many hilarious moments.  If you haven't seen it yet - do!  You may just leave the picturehouse with a bounce in your step and a smile on your face.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

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  1. Ah! I've been waiting to hear about this movie, hoping it was good. I plan on seeing it. But his other movie A Single Man is also quite lovely... did you see that? But I am quite taken with Colin Firth. I don't know if he could do anything wrong. Even Nanny McFee was good.

  2. Wasn't it so simple and uplifting? I just couldn't stop smiling! And laughing. And swooning over Colin Firth, of course!

  3. I can't wait to see this movie.

  4. I enjoyed that movie greatly. You know, I don't think I've seen a Colin Firth film where I didn't end up a little in love with him.

  5. It was outstandingly good. I will be very disappointed if Firth does not get an Oscar.

  6. It sounds like an excellent movie!

  7. Sounds great. I love it when the audience feels moved to clap. Only been in a cinema once before when that happened for Brassed Off.

    I have just blogged about the wonderful award you gave me the other week. Thank you again.

  8. Thanks for writing about the movie. I watched the awards on Sunday but fell asleep for best picture. Oh Woe is Me. And C. F. is absolutely my favorite actor.

  9. I haven't seen anything good at the movies for a while, but we got out the DVD 'seven pounds' and I loved that. LOVED IT!!!

  10. Looks like I'm going to the movies!! I wanna see this now that I've heard several wonderful things about it!! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Friday!

  11. Sounds like a great movie. Mr. Firth has many admirers :)
    Happy Weekend!

  12. Hi Talei! Ive seen it, Ive seen it!!! Woo-hoo! Soooo soooo loved it. Husband also did. It is such a beautiful, funny film! And the cinema was full! :)

  13. Danette, you'll enjoy it then -Mr Firth is quite the talented actor.

    Meredith, me too! I couldn't stop laughing, such a great script. ;)

    Donna, hope it comes your way soon. ;)

    Dominique, totally agree! ;)

    Cat, absolutely! Although I've not checked who the other contenders are?

    Golden Eagle, do go see it! ;)

    Button, funnily it seems to be global, I heard from a friend in Sydney that people were applauding in their seats too. ;) xx

    Jen, you'll love am sure! ;) Happy Friday! x

    Carol, we're all swooning here. ;) Have a fab weekend! ;)

    Len, its one of those pictures that definitely appeals to both the Ladies and Gents me thinks! Very entertaining! ;)

  14. Manzanita, it was on quite late here so I missed it too! ;) I did love reading the dress tweets earlier in the evening though.

    Tabitha, wow, you know I tried to watch 'Seven Pounds' on a long haul flight last summer and I couldn't seem to quite get into it. Will Smith is a fab actor too. Thanks for stopping by my dear. ;)

  15. There is a covert Jane Austen subtext to The King's Speech that I think will be delightful to fans of the 1996 A&E/BBC Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Here are the details:


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