Whimsical Wordless Wednesday

'J'ai deux amours, -Mon pays et Paris' 
(I have two loves, -my country and Paris)  -Josephine Baker

It's Paris Fashion Week right now, and I've stumbled upon this lovely image, -doesn't it make you want to book the next train to the city of love? Oui Oui!  Well, let's have some fun on this whimsical Wednesday!

*Can you caption this fabulous photo?*

If I could just hold this pose for a few more seconds...
Amelie was beginning to regret many things right now, -the dizzying heights of this rooftop, the tightly encased corset hidden beneath the river of blue fabric, mostly though, she found herself lamenting that last martini at lunch, -how much longer would this shoot take?

Photocredits via weheartit



  1. Wow. Beautiful!!! I wanted so badly to be witty but came up empty. I do apologize. This dress is fabulous!!!! I sort of wish I was in it!

  2. Oh, fantastic! Sigh! Maybe I should get myself on the Eurostar. I'll meet you in Paris in 3 hours, okay? We can get some lovely red wine at a little bistro in Montmartre...

  3. I love your caption! That dress is just amazing, and the view--sigh. I want to be in Paris!

  4. Never been to Paris - I will get there one of these days! Gorgeous photo.

  5. Yes,

    Fantastic image.... Brings me back to my modeling days, but I never wore anything that fabulous! lol

    I miss Paris.... would LOVE to meet you an Talli at that bistro, but it would take me so long to get there from Chicago....


    Love the caption.


  6. My caption(s)?

    How the heck am I going to get untangled from those bushes?
    Sorry love, I can't dance in this thing.
    Take all the pictures you want, I'm can't go anywhere.

  7. Isn't it amazing what one creative person can do with a single box of tissues?

  8. Oh, that is a GORGEOUS dress--and you're so right, it flows like a river of blue fabric. Good comparison.

  9. Beautiful! I would love to go to Paris (the sooner the better, is my hope!). Your caption is wonderful! Here's my paling one... "And now if you'll all look to the right..." :) Happy Wednesday!

  10. Sorry can't come up with anything nearly as witty as your caption. So I will hang my head in shame and just say lovely whimsical photo and very creative caption.

  11. I can't even caption this. The photo is beautiful beyond words

  12. J'adore Paris!

    My caption: "I'm definitely going to need a massage after this!"

    That dress is so breathtakingly beautiful. It's like it's part of the sky.

  13. That would make a spectacular book cover for the Luxe Book Series. Loss for words.

  14. Jen, its pretty special isn't it? ;) I think every girl should have one of these in her wardrobe!!

    Talli, Ooh Montmartre tres wonderful, I shall be right over - which bistro? ;)

    Meredith, thanks, I love finding pics like this one. *sigh* Paris is not so far from here, I must organise a weekend away!

    Melissa, good to hear - we all need to visit the city of love, at least once! ;)

    Michael, wonderful - we'll be waiting at the bistro for you! ;) And I'm sure you looked quite fabulous in your modelling days as you do now!

    Bish, ha ha! Yes, - 'I can't move so please take your time with the photos!'

    Pat, very funny! I love that caption, what else are tissues for?

    Carol, cheers ;) It's a very frothy river right?

    Donea, love it! She could do a wonderful commentary of Paris from that rooftop,non? ;)

    Ann, aha - I know you can but we'll let you off this time! ;)

    Melissa, absolutely, you're quite right. And it was meant to be a wordless post but I can't stop jabbering...mmm ;)

    Liz, J'adore! Great caption too! :)

    Regina, it's a stunning pic, -I think everyone here has great taste!! ;)

  15. "No matter to what dizzying modelling heights Sharon scaled, in her heart she would always be a bogan and as the photographer snapped away she was wondering if she spat right now if she could hit the guy walking past seven floors below her."

    It's a gorgeous dress, but I'd take the trip to France over it any day of the week!


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