If You Write It, -They Will Come...

"I'm a storyteller, it'll all work out in the end." - Shell Beige Bear

Have you seen this video?  It's hysterical and bone-cutting to the truth, -listen between the lines for the obvious lessons.  Can you relate to any of the Shell Beige Bear's dialogue?  By the way, I don't know his name -but I think that one suits him, no?  I'll admit it, naive thoughts may have crossed my mind, for a few split seconds, before being batted down with a large dose of reality.  Let us not delude ourselves, writing is hard work, -it entails focus, time, commitment, research and reading, in fact - it requires an entire library of reading, so don't toss out that 'to be read pile' just yet.

Have I missed anything?  Passion? But of course.  You must crave it, blood lusting Vampire Novelists, Bodice Ripping Scribes, -step this way.  And humour?  Yes, please!  Toss both of these ingredients into the mix, -an extra shake of a great sense of humour if you please, as that's what takes us through the long days and nights of tap-tap-tapping away in the darkest corners of our writing rooms.

What keeps you going on your writing journey?

Videocredit: Youtube video via dwkazzie 


  1. How funny is this?

    Where did you find this.... I couldn't stop laughing. Thanks Talei for starting my morning with a laugh.

    And you are so right it take that and so much more.


  2. Urgh, that video makes me want to punch something! :) So hilarious and frustrating.

  3. I posted a link to that a while back! So great!!!

  4. Michael, I couldn't stop laughing either. Funny how conversations can happen when one party isn't paying attention eh? I found it on twitter this morning and have replayed it constantly ever since. ;) Have a fab week!

    Meredith, its funny and cringeworthy - I know I felt squeamish in places. A good reminder to us though. ;)

    Danette, ah - I only just found it via my twitter feed. ;) Great isn't it?

  5. The video is very funny. Sometimes I wonder why I keep going. Probably because it's an addiciton. ;) No, actually, it ultimately makes me happy, even when it's really hard.

  6. This is hilarious. What keeps me in my writing chair is a huge tube of super glue. And the desire to get the story out of my head and make it the best I can so others can understand it, too.

  7. My mind keeps me writing. When the ideas stop I guess I will have reached The End.

  8. I love that video! What keeps me going? The fun of creating. I love it! :)

  9. I always found that video a mix of hilarious and depressing. :P

    The joy of being able to create and change keeps me going.

  10. I agree with the golden eagle this video is both funny and depressing!

    I keep going because I have to. Writing helps me balance my emotions and myself. It centers me.

  11. LOL! I love that video! I think you're right, the passion keeps me writing. =)

  12. Angie, a happy addiction is good, right? Keep on writing and reading! ;)

    Carol, can I borrow some of that superglue? It'll keep me in my writing chair, and I can totally relate to getting stories out of your head.

    Mary, good to hear! We love a writerly mind!

    Talli, its a good video isn' t it? Creating - absolutely,love that! ;)

    Golden Eagle, I know it's a mixed reaction but overall its good that it points out some of the misconceptions of trying to write a novel. ;)
    Love creating and change - and good that you get joy from it!

    Melissa, it's amazing how much writing means to everyone here, I'm loving all the comments. And I feel that way too. If I don't get to write at some stage during the day, I'm peevish.

    Carolyn, the video certainly kept me entertained a number of times. ;) Passion, passion, passion - absolutely agree! Gotta have it in buckets to keep on this journey.

  13. I've seen this one. It made me laugh and want to throw my laptop at the same time...


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