Versatile Titbits and Making Smiles on Faces

Monday is a good day for awards methinks, and I received two awards from fellow bloggers late 2010 which I have been waiting to pass on to more lovely folk. 'Dangerous with a Pen' bestowed the lovely 'Versatile Blogger award', and Kittie Howard from 'The Block' has sent the very cheery 'Making Smiles on Faces award' my way.  Thank you Ladies!  I'm feeling very chuffed and would like send these on to the following lovelies.
The first rule on accepting 'The Versatile Blogger award' is, -to list 7 titbits about myself, and I hope you don't mind if I link to my previous 7.  If you'd like to read them - please jump here!  And the second rule is to send this on its merry way to other bloggers whom I've recently discovered and find fantastic.  Here's goes!

Stina Lindenblatt at Seeing Creative
Dominic de Mattos at Writes of Passage
Danette at Conch to be
Wild Rose at Shahlarveek

Now onto the 'Making Smiles on Faces Award' - I would like to send on to these lovely folk whose posts have made me smile recently and several Blogger Hostesses who ran a great number of blogfests which I enjoyed very muchly!
Melissa at Through a Looking Glass
Jen Daiker at Unedited
Francine Howarth Romancing the blog
Denise at L'Aussie Writing
Summer Ross at My Inner Fairy

Congratulations to all and have a lovely week everyone!  


  1. Wow! Thank you!!! I am so honored!!! I find you and your blog lovely as well, madam, and look forward to forward reading future posts!

    I see that you gave the "Making Smiles on faces Award" to some very worthy honorees! Congratulations to all of Jen, Summer, Melissa, Francine, Denise and Summer! I'll be checking out the other Versatile Bloggers soon!

    Thanks again!

  2. Congratulations to all the awardees! Excellent choices!

  3. What a great way to begin the week! Congrats on the awards, and to the recipients!

  4. Congrats to you and to those you awarded.

  5. Congrats on your receiving these awards, I know you deserve them. Thank you so fairy much for passing one on to me, I will post it with pride. Have a great day!

  6. Oh Thank you Talei! :D

    and congrats on receiving the award yourself :)

    Hmmm ... so 7 tidbits huh? I will have to think about that!

  7. Congrats on your awards, and to the people they've been passed to!

  8. Many, many congratulations on your awards. Much deserved.

    Thank you also for my 'Making Smiles on Faces Award'. I am thrilled, delighted and tickled that you chose me. Its my first blog award (actually its my first award fullstop) so I will be displaying it with pride.

    Should I now pass the love onto 6 others?

    Thank you


  9. Colleen, thank you! ;)

    KarenG, hello dear lady, so lovely to have you stop by. Hope you are well! ;)

    Words crafter, totally agree. I love sending awards across the bloggersphere! ;)

    Pat, cheers very muchly! ;)

    Summer, you're fairy welcome! Have a lovely week! x

    Dominic, ah - yes the 7 titbits, always interesting to pen those. Happy writing! :)

    Kelly, thanks!! Great to see you too! ;)

    Clare, you're very welcome, I'm very honoured to be the first to send one your way then! In terms of passing onto others, for this award you can send as you wish, -entirely up to you. Those are the good instructions I had from Kittie. ;) Have a lovely week! xxx

    Melissa, thank you! ;)

  10. Congrats! Hope you have a wonderful week and stay warm!

  11. Congrats on the award! Yay!

    And Talei, you're one of the winners of my 100-follower giveaway:
    Artzicarol Ramblings


  12. Danette, ;) You're very welcome! I really thought I'd replied above but as always I was rushing!! Looking forward to reading more of your posts too dear lady. Have a lovely week! ;)

    Melissa, Thank you! And you stay snuggled up too - I hear there's more snowstorms over your side of the pond?

    Carol, thank you much! Wow - I'm going to come back for your giveaway, this is exciting news! ;)

  13. Congrats on all your awards and to the recipients! :)


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