Once Upon A Kiss...

Who didn't fall in love with Audrey as she window shopped at Tiffany's on Fifth Avenue?  Those impossibly large dark glasses shielding the early morning light, and her makeshift breakfast of croissant and coffee at the ready.  Of course we all look that glamorous after a late night out, right?  Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my all time favourite films, -like many girls growing up, I adored fairy tales and happily ever afters, reality kicks in when we are much older but, -you must always dream!  Last Sunday evening, I was very excited when I strolled past Tiffany's on Bond Street and found a sweet little story book in the window...

Act I.  Opening Scene

Act II.  Drama & Conflict!

Act III.  Resolution

Act IV.  Closing Scene

Photocredits via yours truly

A/N: Did you enjoy the storybook?  It certainly made me smile and in 4 quick window scenes, -we have an entire story.  The photo's were snapped on my phone, it was a little late in the evening and the lighting was low but I think you can still make out the script.  I hope your weekend has a great beginning and a happy ever after ending!


  1. That is so beautiful.

    And yes. I loooooved Breakfast at Tiffany's although I found the opening scene to be really sad.


  2. I love those buildings. You didn't make them, did you? :D

  3. I adore Breakfast at Tiffany's and just about anything Audrey Hepburn. My fave is Charade because I am huge Cary Grant fan and the two together are fantastic!

    The book is lovely... thanks for sharing it!

  4. I love store windows! That's just beautiful. And I need to rewatch Breakfast at Tiffany's now: I forgot how much I love that movie!

  5. What wonderful pics of that charming book. It's nice to such a lovely book in our new world of ebooks. You can't experience that on a kindle!

    Breakfast at Tiffany's ... fantastic movie. One thing I miss about living in NYC .... FIfth Ave. and Tiffany's. There's nothing like it.


  6. How could you not love Audrey!

  7. Awww, this is so neat! I love romance, but yeah, you're right - the reality of what happens after you say "I do" isn't too much like a fairy tale. But still, it's all worth it!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Ohh, that's beautiful! I love the pics and the story and yes, I am still loving the whole "fairy tail" no matter how real, 'reality' is. ^_^

  9. What a delightful book! I agree with Gideon 86 - kindle can't do that. I think the way fairy tales have been adapted into modern literature is fascinating. And for what it's worth I preferred Audrey in Roman Holiday but Tiffany's is still a great movie *sigh*.

  10. I remember a time when many of the stores had fantastic window displays. I'm glad that some still do.
    I am wondering if those incredible displays are from actual pop-up books, or were created just for Tiffany's window story.
    Surely we never outgrow "Once upon a time," and "they lived happily everafter."

  11. Misha, its really beautiful! I think the final scene is my favourite. ;)

    Stina, alas no. I wish, I think making those little buildings might be therapeutic. :)

    Bish, very sweet!

    Danette, there's something timeless about Audrey, I'm a big fan. ;)

    Meredith, me too! Especially around Xmas time.

    Michael, I concur! Tiffany's and Fifth Avenue... *deep sigh*

    Liza, so true! ;)

    Melissa M, I know right? Always good to keep the dream alive methinks. ;)

    Sara, good to hear! ;) I'm a total romantic really.

    Elissa, I love Roman Holiday! ;)

    Mya, totally agree. We never outgrow these important beginnings and endings. ;)

  12. Those were adorable! I love it. I was a never a big Tiffany's fan but I do love My Fair Lady.


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