Five For A Rainy Friday

It's a little wet this side of the pond; I'm considering a few rainy day activities....

...because rumour has it the Rain Gods may be super busy this weekend.

My favourite rainy day activities:

1. the rain, yes indeed.  There's nothing like that first cold splash underwater to shake the cobwebs from the grey cells!

2. Watching the weather, literally running down the panes whilst snug inside...

3.  Flipping pancakes, baking fairy other words, making a great big mess in the kitchen.  No rules, you can stay in your PJs, nightie, kimono, dressing gown, whatever you fancy all morning.  Just don't answer the door, and keep the curtains closed.

4.  Turn up the music!  There's something wonderful about playing classical music very LOUDLY on a rainy day!  Just remember, to glide gracefully along those wooden floorboards requires socks!  Refer #3 for dress code.

5.  Light the fire, grab a blanket, book and your trusty lap-net-Ipad-book and curl up.  *contented sigh*

Don't you just love the rain?
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Hello everyone!  Hope you're having a fabulous Friday where ever you may be.  I've been seconded into playing tour guide tomorrow - should be interesting.  There will be walking, trains, markets and lunch...somewhere in London, and if I'm lucky I'll sneak in an art gallery or two.  What are your plans this weekend?


  1. Weekend night with hubby tonight, then tomorrow and Sunday - writing!

  2. I love the rain! I love dancing in the rain and getting wet - as long as I can warm up soon after.

  3. I love the rain, but there has been too darn much of it lately...
    I really do like walking in the rain!

  4. Considering all we're getting right now is snow, I'd be happy for rain. As long as it isn't freezing rain!

  5. I would far rather be walking on the beach than talking about staying inside with rain or snow. :)

  6. Um, that would be the best day ever! It's going to be a rainy weekend here, too, and I'm totally doing all of these things! Thanks for the ideas :)

  7. I think that making pancakes on a rainy day is an excellent idea!

  8. We're more into the snow these days. Do you swim outside in the rain? Surely not. I can't even think of swimming in the winter. The pancakes, followed by the fire, book, and blanket (or snuggie!) sounds good to me.

  9. What a beautiful surprise visit I received when you stopped my sixtyfivewhatnow! Thanks for stopping by.

  10. We have the snow to contend with here. I wish I didn't have to run around with the kids tomorrow and could curl up with a book instead.

  11. While I, of course, would take sunshine over rain, I enjoy doing pretty much everything on that list on rainy days, too. :) Stay dry! (Or wet, if you're set on swimming. ;o) )

  12. Rain is my friend! I love doing #4. :)

  13. REALLY raining here in Oregon right now, so a perfect post. My fave thing to do while it rains outside: WRITE! Second fave thing: READ!

  14. Rain is a great weather to write in, thunderstorms, too, even though you shouldn't have your computer on then.

    Well, there is always paper.

  15. Like just about everyone else - I love the rain. I also love this saying: "Some people walk in the rain - others just get wet". It's all about the little things. We've had HEAPS of rain in Oz which is great for the dams but not so good for our Queensland buddies. In normal rainy weather I love to cook (in pjs is a FABULOUS idea and I will be trying that one out very soon) and then snuggling up with the results of my time in the kitchen and a good book....and of course writing ;)

  16. Nothing quite like a great big thunder storm to make me smile! :)

  17. Melissa M, sounds great, hope your date night went swimmingly! ;)

    Melissa, nothing like dancing in the rain! And yup, definitely keep warm afterwards!

    Pat, why do people run when it rains? ;)

    Stina, ;) tropical rain is good!

    Danette, I wish but we are far from the beach and sunshine could be a while.

    Meredith - hope you have a nice relaxing one! ;)

    Lisa, - pancakes are like comfort food here! Love them. ;)

    Rosario - welcome ;)

    Cinette - I hope you got to curl up at some stage over the weekend!

    Melissa G, - depending on the location, yes I do swim outside in the rain if opportunity arises. And then I have pancakes afterwards. ;)

    Hi Elle, welcome and lovely to meet you. ;) I took a ferry ride yesterday on The Thames, quite pleasant even with grey skies and a sprinkling of showers. Thanks for the follow!

    Golden Eagle - me too! ;)

    Carol, definitely do both of those!

    Amos, hello. Thunderstorms are a whole other level! ;) Wonderful to watch from a distance, and best enjoyed under shelter out in the countryside. Playing the piano during a storm is great too. ;)

    Elissa, I hope you and your family are ok in OZ. Queensland looks shocking right now, incredible scenes on the news. Stay in PJS sounds like a good plan! ;)

  18. HI Jemi! I quite agree my dear! Something mesmerising about thunderstorms. ;)

  19. I LOVE 2 and 5, they so sound like my thing - make the best of the rain because we have a bloody lot of it! xx

  20. Yes, a day to sit back and relax with a good book, and do things that you want to is necessary for the proper alignment of one's attitude. We had the whole week off to readjust due to weather, but it was not rain that brought our city to a halt, but snow in the sunny south. One whole week off.
    I have loved every minute of it.

  21. I have been craving pancakes all weekend, and now I want them even more!


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