Flash Fiction: The Ivy, the Bishop and his Lollipop

The Bishop wandered idly through the ancient cemetery, poking his walking stick at the soft ground.  Ornately carved angels lay broken, their faces turned towards the sky; ivy wound around throats. “Such pretty faces” he thought and he pulled a lollipop from his pocket.  The juices of his mouth worked through the pink sweet as he stepped over the remains of Lord Higginbotham’s tombstone, freshly stained with dog urine. Bastards.  His left boot slid forward, his arms flew upwards  “my lollipop!” he screamed.  Down, down, down it fell – landing in a pile of dog excrement.  “Shit” he muttered to himself. 

Come, walk with me...

Photocredit via tumblr, weheartit
The Ivy, The Bishop and his Lollipop © Copyright T.Loto All rights reserved. 

A/N:  Hello, dear friends!  I stumbled onto Chuck Wendig's blog and found this wonderful flash fiction challenge -  from five randomly chosen words, you select three to include in a 100 word story.  Tonights words were Enzyme, Ivy, Bishop, Blister and Lollipop.  It's a no brainer, you know which three called to me, right?  I hope you enjoyed my 100 flash fiction - its always good to exercise the grey matter, on-the-fly as it were.  Happy writing this weekend! Talei xox


  1. Very nice! Shit in more ways than one, aye?

    Getting ready for a long weekend. Have champagne on hand and ready to write! Hope you do the same! *clink, clink*

  2. I love your flash fiction, Talei. Great job. If you can do this on the fly, I bet your other pieces are awesome.

  3. Fun and interesting use of the words Talei... It just about says it all... lol.

    Have a fun weekend. I hope london has gorgeous weather for you to enjoy before the cold storms in.

    We've chilled here in Chicago, but i love fall weather. Nice to bring out the sweaters, tweeds, and boots.

  4. Hi Talei! I love it! Something so fascinating about cemetaries. Well done on your flash fiction... love all the details. I'd keep reading! :) Cheers, dahling.

  5. Fun challenge, fun results! Great!

  6. Danette, cheers lovely lady! * clink clink* to you. Happy writing this weekend! x

    LynNerd, oh you are too kind, thank you so much!

    Michael, hello darling - I'm loving the Fall weather in London too - one of my favourite seasons. Thanks so much for your lovely comments! Have a fab weekend too! x

    Pk, merci beaucoup darrhling! mwah x I'm so pleased you enjoyed it - it was fun to write.

    Liza, cheers! It a lot of fun and I gave myself a time limit which I think helped! ;-))

  7. Fantastic job, Talei! I love the ending. :)

  8. I like it! It ends on a much more humorous note than the majority of the entries, including mine :P

  9. Haha, love it!! And the imagery is great. I can picture being there even without the photo you added.

  10. Haha, I love this! The images are so very vivid. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  11. Ninjafinity, thanks so much! ;)

    Lindsay, cheers!! Thats so very kind, thank you!

    Meredith, merci beaucoup, my friend! Yes, my weekend is nearing its end... the embers of the fire as it were, and beautiful sunset. (bliss)

  12. P.S. I left you an award on my blog. :)

  13. Angie, thanks so much!

    Peggy, cheers lovely! And I especially love the award! muchos gracias! x

    Dee, thank you!


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